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A Few Testimonials …

I was very pleased with the guidance I received especially since it was a very difficult time. Thanks a lot for the same. would consult again. – Seema Kumar, USA


Things have worked out for exactly as were predicted. I am amazed and happy to know someone who can predict this accurately. Nice to find good Astrologer in Pune. – Prabha, Pune


I had consulted about my marital issues. The prediction materialized in a year. Thanks for the guidance. – Savita Pujari, Pune


I was having problems with my inlaws. Thanks for the guiding me through tough times. – Shree, Mumbai


Love marriage or arranged marriage was the question in my mind a year back. It was accurately told. Thanks a lot. – Sagarika, USA


Thanks for helping me though tough times in career. What predicted was true. – Rajesh, USA


Thanks for clearing my dilemma. I don’t know how would I have done without your help. Best wishes to you. May your good work help many more. – Sanika, USA


I was very confused about my family life and career. Job certainty was not there. I didn’t know where things were leading. Thanks for throwing light on things and help me make decision. – Meenal raste, USA


I was experiencing extreme stress at work and was about to quit. Thanks for asking me to stay put. Today my life is back on track again. I am amazed at how jyotish makes our life predictable. – Pushkar Limaye, Nashik