Astrology Advantage

Astrology is that study of influence of stars and planets on human life. The origin of vedic astrology dates back hundreds of years BCE.

Over the years, there have been so many people with half knowledge, claiming themselves to be astrologers. This has marred the reputation of astrology. Also, people tend to get too involved and sort of dependent on astrology - they seek for muhurat for every small thing. This is overdoing it. Use jyotish for getting guidelines in your life. Use it for identifying pitfalls.

In today’s world, life has become increasingly complicated. Uncertainties arise in personal, career and financial front. At times, coming to decision is difficult. Astrology can become a pathfinder in tough times. Astrology touches all the areas of life and help in the following manner:

- resolve complications

- reduce stress in life

- eliminate uncertainties

- help in making decisions

- Understand your life better 

- making a suitable choice

Astrology can be used for your benefit in the following ways:

1.   Career

      - Understand what height can you reach and what may be holding you back

      - Time your moves by identifying favorable periods

    - If you have multiple options and unable to decide which path to take, astrology can show the right path by identifying the pitfalls 

2.   Relationships

      - Understand compatibility with you and your spouse

      - Know the  timeframe for bad patches in relationship in order to avoid making a wrong move in that timeframe  

3.   Children

      - Know their inherent nature, how would they react and can you handle them

      - Know their qualities


A mother came to me with her daughter’s kundali. Her daughter would get scared of many things. Both the parents were very bold and they wondered where this came from. This little child was born with Chandra-shani yuti in the fourth house. He being scared was her inherent nature. When the parents understood this they, they supported her to overcome her fears, instead of rebuking her.

4.   Health :

        - Know what diseases you are prone to so that you can follow a lifestyle to counteract that.

5.   Understand yourself:

        - Understand you nature, qualities, what works and what does not work for you, how can you increase luck in your life by overcoming the not-so-lucky planets and timeframes in your life.

 Use Astrology for your Advantage !!