Makar Sankranti - Astrology and Traditions

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Makar Sankranta is a festival celebrated in India. From this day, the winter chill begins to decrease and the days starts becoming longer.

Makar Santranta has Astrological Significance. Now lets see what exactly Makar Sankranta means.
Makar means Capricorn. Sankranta means entry of the sun. So, Makar Sankranta means the entry of the Sun in Makar Rashi. Actually, there is sankranta in every month, when the sun enter a new Rashi. But Makar Sankranta has a special significance. On this day, the sun stops it downward journey and starts upwards journey towards the tropic of cancer. This is a harvest period.

There is one more story story associated with Makar Sankranta. Makar Rashi is owned by Saturn (or Shani). Shani is the son or Sun. Sun and Saturn do not get along well. But on this day, father Sun makes it a point to visit his son. So, this marks family gettogethers in many parts of India.

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Most of the Indian festivals are based on Moon Calendar. But Makar Sankranta is related to movement of Sun - hence based on Solar calendar. We follow the solar calendar in day to day life. Hence, the other moon-based Indian festivals tend to be on different dates of Gregorian calendar, Makar Sankranta is always on 14 January. In leap year, Makar Sankranta can shift by one day to 15 January.

In Maharashtra, Makar Sankranta is seen as a time for bonding with family and friends. Til-Gul is distributed accompanied by saying 'Til gul ghya. god god bola' - meaning accept sweets (til gul) from me and let friendship prevail between us. Women wear black clothes. Small children and new brides wear ornaments made of halva.

Astrologywise Gems: Pearl Ring and its benifits

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 In Astrology, Pearl is associated with moon. Pearl cools you down. Pearl is benefic to most of the people. Pearl is set in silver ring and worn on little finger.The pearl should touch your finger.

If you are bogged down by thoughts and tensed, wearing a pearl ring can alleviate your tension. It can help students concentrate. If you job demands lot of thinking, wearing pearl is the way to go. Those who are burdened by loan, can wear a pearl to deal with the tension. Pearl ensures good sleep and helps in overcoming insomnia. Pearl helps strengthen mental power and helps overcoming depression.

Weak Moon in a natal chart creates many health problems including diseases related to sleep, depression, insanity, weak mind. Your kundali is checked to see which gemstone suits you. Pearl generally suits most of the people. But is is highly recommended that you seek advice from astrologer to see which gemstone will prove benefic for you.

To know your suitable Gemstone, order gemstone report - write to futurescopeastrology@gmail.com

Astrology - December 2013 Prediction for Sagittarius Rashi

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This month is very good for you to prove your abilities. Many opportunities will come your way. Take their advantage. You can attain higher level of success at work. So, concentrate on work this month. Those looking at offshore work opportunities, will have success. This month is good for travel for leisure  as well.  

Your writing skills will be appreciated. You will effectively convey message through you writings. This can also translate into financial gains. For those in entertainment business, will have good luck by their side. They will develop good reputation. 

Environment at home will be hot. Avoid getting into fights. As Jupiter is retrograde in your fourth house, avoid any property deals. Also, any renovation at home should be postponed.
End of this month can cause some health issues to either of your parent.

Astrology - December 2013 Prediction for Aquarius Rashi

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You have mixed planetary influence this month. Though work front will be good, you will have to face some hurdles. These will come up suddenly, out of the blue. You will have to pay special attention to every detail. Any mistake on your part will be magnified. You have to be vigilant and take immediate action on issues. It is not a good time to compete either. The motto this month should be to work with concentration. 

This month favors business. This time is also good for your spiritual development.
You will have to eat healthy during this time-frame. Possibility of ailments related to stomach my come up. There is a possibility of health issue for your siblings.

You should be very conventional in financial investments. Do not take any financial risks. Stay away from lottery.

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