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Astrology - December 2013 Prediction for Aquarius Rashi

posted Dec 7, 2013, 5:02 AM by FutureScope Astro

You have mixed planetary influence this month. Though work front will be good, you will have to face some hurdles. These will come up suddenly, out of the blue. You will have to pay special attention to every detail. Any mistake on your part will be magnified. You have to be vigilant and take immediate action on issues. It is not a good time to compete either. The motto this month should be to work with concentration. 

This month favors business. This time is also good for your spiritual development.
You will have to eat healthy during this time-frame. Possibility of ailments related to stomach my come up. There is a possibility of health issue for your siblings.

You should be very conventional in financial investments. Do not take any financial risks. Stay away from lottery.