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Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. He is the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna was a mentor, a teacher and a guide. Lord Krishna was born on ashtami  tithi (8th Day) of Krishna Paksh in month of Shravana  in Mathura. He was the 8th child of Vasudeva and Devaki.

The purpose of Lord Krishna’s incarnation on earth was mark the victory of good over evil. He killed ‘Kansa’ to free Mathura of his tyrannical rule. Lord Krishna taught the theory of karma through Geeta. He was Arjuna’s mentor in Mahabharata.

Janmashtami is celebrated with great excitement . In Maharashtra, people celebrate  Janmashtami with ‘Dahi Handi’. Lord Krishna loved curd. As a child, he used to sneak into kitchen and eat curd. Hence, Lord Krishna was also called ‘Makhhan Chor’. To celebrate Lord Krishna’s love for curd, ‘Dahi Handi’ is held on Janmashtami. A pot containing Buttermilk and curd is hung at a height. People form towers by climbing over each other to get to the pot and break it.

In 2014, Janmashtami falls on 17th August. The midnight puja muhurat is from 12:39am to 1: 21am. The fast begins thereafter. The fast time ends at 8:36pm.

Wihs you all a Happy Janmashtami !!