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Esoteric Facts

1) Himalayan Yogis can do miracles beyond imagination
2) Rebirth exixts
3) White magic and Black magic exist
4) Your destiny is created by your thoughts
5) You can alleviate your life by raising your vibration
6) Mantras have power.
7) Beings which be cannot see exist
8) Humans can travel to other realms during sleep (still attached to physical body by silver chord) 
9) You are provided divine help and guidance when you ask for it. Keep your subconscious mind open. Follow your subconscious mind rather than your physical/Logical mind.
10) Meditation will put you on the right path to accomplish what you were born for. 
11)  The energies unseen to normal human eye, can be felt with your hands.
12) Your life on earth is very short as compared to your life on other realms. Earth realm or physical world is a fast track to gather karma. Energies on earth are coarse can can easily deviate you from your soul purpose. Meditate regularly to be on right track.