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Ashlesha Nakshatra

9th Nakshatra

Nakshatra at a Glance


Ashlesha Nakshatra English Name :  Zeta Hydare

Ashlesha Nakshatra Symbol: Snake

Ashlesha  Nakshatra Lord: Mercury

Ashlesha Nakshatra Rashi: 16.40 in Cancer to 30.00 in Cancer

Ashlesha  Nakshatra Gana: Rakshasa (Demon)

Ashlesha Nakshatra Diety:   Serpent
Number of Stars in Ashlesha Nakshatra:

Ashlesha Nakshatra Yoni / Animal: Female Cat
Ashlesha Nakshatra Nadi:

Ashlesha Nakshatra first pada: name first letter is "Dee", pada Lord ‘Jupiter ’

Ashlesha Nakshatra second pada: name first letter is "Du", pada Lord ‘Saturn’

Ashlesha Nakshatra third pada: name first letter is "Day", pada Lord ‘Saturn’

Ashlesha Nakshatra fourth pada: name first letter is "DO", pada Lord ‘Jupiter’


Ashlesha means ‘carrying load’. Natives of this nakshatra have capacity to carry load. This also means, they are able to take responsibility of magnanimous tasks. Asklesha is is a kroor nakshatra.

All four padas of Ashlesha nakshatra lie in cancer. Hence it is ‘Chatushpad’ nakshatra. The last pada of Ashlesh nakshatra is near Gandanta. Hence the last pada of ashlesha is very inauspicious. Person with lagna or moon in last pada of Ashlesha has to suffer from hardships. Ashlesha nakshatra is visible in the night sky in the months of Paush and Maaagh. It looks oval in shape and has 5 distinct stars.

Ashlesha nakshatra natives are a combination of Moon and Mercury. They are intelligent but find it difficult to concentrate. They are interested in materialistic pleasures. They are emotional and are attached to their family.

Natives with malefic planets are in this nakshatra are capable of leading large projects. They can become self centric.

Ashlesha Men:

Ashlesha men portray a stern look. They are secretive and a hypocrites. They are political. They are intelligent and capable do doing multiple tasks. There is also another category of Ashlesha born who are coward, lazy and soft spoken. Hence, 2 completely different kinds of natives are seen in this nakshatra.

Ashlesha Women:

This nakshatra is not suitable for women. Ashlesha women have mediocre looks. They become plump by middle age. They are loving and caring. They care for their families well.


Politics, Business, lawyers, Shopkeeper, Salesman, translators, travel guide.