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Astrology Software

1. Jagannath Hora: Free Download
Jagannath Hora is a very good astrology software. It is written by PVR Narasimha Rao. He is a software Engineer and a renowned astrology. I thanks him on behalf of astrology students for writing this software and making it availabe for no charge. Here is a link to download the software: http://www.vedicastrologer.org/jh/

2. Kundali / Kismet Software:
Kundali is a paid software. It is very accurate. For starters, I would recommend buying Kundali software. If you are further interested, you may consider buying kismet software.

2. Numerology Software:
Free Numerology Calculator with Chaldean as well as Pythagorean Numerology calculations : http://www.2near.com/edge/numerology/select/