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Ashwini Nakshatra - Beta Arietis (English Name)

Ashwini Nakshatra : Laghu Nakshatra

 Ashwini Nakshatra Symbol: Horse
Nakshatra Lord:
Ashwini Nakshatra
All four Pada in Mesha Rashi (Rashi Lord is Mars)
Nakshatra Gana:
Nakshatra Diety:
Ashvini Kumar,  physicians of the gods
Number of Stars in Ashwini Nakshatra:
Ashwini  Nakshatra Yoni: Ashwa
Ashwini  Nakshatra Nadi: Adya
Ashwini Nakshatra 1st pada: birthnamename first letter is "Chu"
Ashwini Nakshatra 2nd pada: birthname first letter is "Chay". 
Nakshatra 3rd pada birthname first letter is "Cho"
Ashwini Nakshatra 4th pada : birthname first letter is "Laa"

Ashwini is the first nakshatra. It spans from 0 degrees to 13.20 degrees in Aries. The first pada of Ashwini nakshatra lies near the gandanta. This is where Pisces (jal rashi) ends and Aries (Agni Rashi) begins. Hence, the first pada of Ashwini nakshatra is not considered to be auspicious.  

The Lord Aries Rashi is Mars and the lord of Ashwini nakshatra is Ketu. Ketu brings spirituality while mars brings energy. Answini natives are full of life. The symbol of this nakshatra is Horse. Ashwini Natives are always on the go. They are restless and lack patience. As they change their mind quickly, marriage is a challenge for them. AshwiniKumar is the deity of Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwinikumar is the physician of Gods. Ashwini nakshatra natives are intelligent and have a healing touch.

Positive Traits:

Competent worker who performs above average on the job, intelligent, self sufficient, natural healer, helps others, moderate habits, dresses well, good finances, attractive, powerful, intuitive, idealistic, spiritually inclined, adventurous, independent, strong, powerful, charming, playful nature, nurturer, traveler, loves family. 

Negative Traits:

Hastiness in action compromises efficiency, impulsiveness, desire to pursue new experiences in life causes a weakness in finishing things, aggressive, stubborn, wants to do things their own way, disappointed when things do not go as planned, dissatisfied, arrogant, lack of mental quietude, over passionate. 

Ashwini nakshatra people are intelligent, good management capacity and active. There are quick. They may be fickle at times.

Ashwini Nakshatra Male:

Male born in Ashwini Nakshatra will have a beautiful face. His eyes will be large and will have a twinkle. Forehead broad and nose a little bigger. He is a believer of God.

He will remain faithful to those who love him and will not hesitate to sacrifice anything for such persons. He keeps his patience in difficult situations. He is a good advisor to the persons in agony. He weighs pros and cons carefully before  taking any decisions. He cannot be easily influenced. Once he carries out an action or work, whether it right or wrong, he will stick to what he has done, come what may. 

Though he tries to be frugal, his expenditure will be more than his income due to his showoff attitude. He is inclined to meet his desires and needs at any cost. He may be fussy at times and think too much about small things. Due to this he may loose this peace of mind. He is always interested in keeping the entire surroundings neat and clean. 

He is jack of all arts. He is generally fond of music and literature. Period up to his 30th years of age will be full of struggle. He has to face obstacles even for small matters. From the 30th year of age, there will be steady and continuous progress which will continue up to 55 years of age. 

He sincerely loves his family. However, he is subjected to hatred by his own family members due to his adamant behavior. He may not have cordial relation with his father. He may have a good Maternal Uncle and helpful friends.

Ashwini Nakshatra  Female:

She will be beautiful with bright, fish-like eyes. Her speech is sweet. She will be a combination of Modernism and tradition.

There will be more female children than male children. She will pay detailed attention to her children. She will be particular about the neatness of her household.

Her nature will make her worry about small things. She should always be careful while cooking or while handling fire. In the modern society, motor vehicle accidents have also been noticed. 


Medicines, drugs, doctor especially gynecologists, neo-natal doctors, surgeons, pre-nursery schools, teachers for small children, engineers expert in laying foundations of buildings, stunt-men, car racing, any adventurous sport, Air force, horse racing, race tracks, railway tracks etc. 

Body Parts Represented by Ashwini Nakshatra: 

Head, Brain