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Coral / Moonga

 Coral Ring

Mangal Yantra

 Coral is Gemstone of Mars. Wearing a Coral proves to be helpful in property and land related matters. It can increase self confidence and helps exercising power. A person feels more courageous and aggressive. It enhances leadership qualities. Kundali needs to be analyzed to check if wearing a Coral is auspicious for you.

Wearing a Coral:

1.   Make a Coral ring in Gold or Copper.  

2.   Coral should be worn on a Tuesday, 1 hour after sunrise.   

3.   1 hour before wearing the ring, place the coral ring in a mixture of milk and honey. Place this in front of your worship place. Leave the coral to cleanse for 30 minutes.

4.   1 hour after sunrise, place the Coral ring on Malgal yantra. Worship it with flowers and agarbatti. Chant the mantra of Mangal 19 times – “Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaaya Namah”

5.   Wear the Coral ring on 2nd or 4th finger from thumb (Anamika or Tarjani) of your left hand.