Gochar (Transit) of Jupiter in 2019 & Jupiter Retrograde dates (vakri) in 2019 

- Jupiter becomes retrograde on April 10, 2019. 
- This Retrograde Jupiter enters Vruschik Rashi on 22 April 2019. 
- Jupiter becomes direct on progressive on 11  August 2019 
- Progressive or Direct Jupiter enters Dhanu or Sagittarius Rashi on 5 November 2019 

Here what is important to note is that when retrograde jupiter enters Vruschik rashi, it is crossing gandanta.
Hence, effects will be more serious. 
Also, Note that Jupiter is crossing the gandanta point 3 times in this year. 

DateRashi Direct / RetrogradeSignificance
March 30, 2019Dhanu

Progressive / Direct Jupiter enters Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius). Crosses Gandanta
April 10, 2019Dhanu 
 Retrograde Jupiter becomes Retrograde in Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) 
 April 22, 2019Vruschik
 RetrogradeRetrograde Jupiter enters Vruschik Rashi , Crosses Gandanta
August 11, 2019 Vruschik 
Progressive / Direct  Jupiter becomes progressive
November 5, 2019  Dhanu
Progressive / Direct Jupiter enters Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius), crosses  Gandanta