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Punarvasu Nakshatra

7th Nakshatra

Nakshatra at a Glance


Punarvasu Nakshatra English Name : Pollux

Punarvasu Nakshatra Symbol: Abode

Punarvasu  Nakshatra Lord: Jupiter

Punarvasu Nakshatra Rashi: 20.00 in Gemini to 3.20 in Cancer

Punarvasu  Nakshatra Gana: Deva (God-Like)

Punarvasu Nakshatra Diety:  Aditi (mother of Gods, Godess of Harvest)
Number of Stars in Punarvasu Nakshatra:

Punarvasu Nakshatra Yoni / Animal:  Female Cat
Punarvasu Nakshatra Nadi:

Punarvasu Nakshatra first pada: name first letter is "Kay", pada Lord ‘Mars’

Punarvasu Nakshatra second pada: name first letter is "Ko", pada Lord ‘Venus’

Punarvasu Nakshatra third pada: name first letter is "Ha", pada Lord ‘Mercury’

Punarvasu Nakshatra fourth pada: name first letter is "Hee", pada Lord ‘Moon’

Punarvasu signifies house, abode. This nakshatra spans from 20.00 in Gemini to 3.20 in Cancer. Hence 3 padas of Punarvasu nakshatra are in Gemini (Lord is Mercury). One pada of Punarvasu nakshatra is in Cancer (Lord is Moon). Punarvasu brings peace after the wrath storm.

The lord of Punarvasu nakshatra is ‘Jupiter’. Jupiter makes Punarvasu natives knowledgeable and cultured. The diety of Punarvasu nakshatra is Aditi, who prepares the ground for sowing. Aditi is the mother of Gods (12 Adityas). Aditi makes Punarvasu natives sensitive and nurturing. The symbol of Punarvasu nakshatra is a house or abode. This indicates resettling. This is the birth nakshatra of Lord Rama.

Punarvasu nakshatra natives have a very accommodating nature.  They are contended in life. This can make them complacent. They are religious and peace loving. They have innocent and straightforward nature. Hence they are not suitable for doing business. This nakshatra nature is like a climber who needs support. Likewise, Punarvasu nakshatra natives perform well when supported.

Though Punarvasu nakshatra has many good qualities, it is not suitable when it is associated with marriage. When associated with marriage related houses, Punarvasu nakshatra is known to resettle one’s marriage. i.e. may lead to remarriage.

Positive Traits

They are sensitive, caring, loving and nurturing by nature. They are religious and respect elders. They are generous. They are strongly against malpractices. They are content and happy by nature. Their speech is inspiring. They are spiritual and are pure at heart.

Negative Traits

They can become complacent. They find it difficult to achieve material success. They may frequently move their abode, change their careers. Its not easy for Punarvasu natives to settle down in life. 

Punarvasu Man:

Punarvasu men are good looking with long thighs and face.  They are religious and traditional. He will stick by the rules in all circumstances. He is cotented, happy and will lead a simple life. He is strongly against any illeagal activities. As his nature is straightforward and inncent, he is not suitable for running a big business and accumulating large amount of money. He will gain honor in this life. He will be an ideal teacher. He will respect elders. His married life will not be good. He may remarry. 

Punarvasu Woman:

Punarvasu nakshatra is more suitable for women than men. She will soft spoken and calm. But she also has the capacity to argue. She will lead a comfortable life.   

Punarvasu Nakshatra Professions: 

Teachers, writers, public speakers, psychologists,  recyclers,  civil engineers, priests, farmers, telecommunication industry writers, Engineers, architects, public speaker,  media people, editors, priests, spiritual gurus, tour managers, courier agents, astrologers  

Body parts ruled by Punarvasu Nakshatra: 

Neck, arms, ears.