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Pushya Nakshatra

8th Nakshatra

Nakshatra at a Glance


Pushya Nakshatra English Name : Datta Cancri

Pushya Nakshatra Symbol: Arrow, udder of a cow

Pushya  Nakshatra Lord: Saturn

Pushya Nakshatra Rashi: 03.20 in Cancer to 16.40 in Cancer

Pushya  Nakshatra Gana: Deva (God-Like)

Pushya Nakshatra Diety:  Brihaspati
Number of Stars in Pushya Nakshatra:

Pushya Nakshatra Yoni / Animal: goat
Pushya Nakshatra Nadi:

Pushya Nakshatra first pada: name first letter is "Hoo", pada Lord ‘Sun’

Pushya Nakshatra second pada: name first letter is "He", pada Lord ‘Mercury’

Pushya Nakshatra third pada: name first letter is "Ho", pada Lord ‘Venus’

Pushya Nakshatra fourth pada: name first letter is "Dah", pada Lord ‘Mars’


 Pushya means providing nourishment. When Sun enters this nakshatra, the earth receives nourishment, the farms flourish and the overall environment promotes growth. In all nakshatras, Puhsya Nakshatra is considered the most auspicious nakshatra. It is the king of all the nakshatras. It is benevolent and considered giver of good results. Hence, important work, auspicious deeds are done on this nakshatra.

This nakshatra is visible in the sky in the month of ‘Poush’. This nakshatra is difficult to spot in the sky. This has 3 distinct stars that form a triangle. In the middle of the triangle, there is a big spot, which when seen through a telescope, is seem to comprise of multiple stars. This looks like a honey comb. Some say it looks like the udder of a cow.  All four padas of this nakshatra are in Cancer. Hence it is a ‘Chatushpaad’ nakshatra.

Natives born on this nakshatra are benevolent and generous. They strive for upliftment of the under privileged. They have high aims. Natives with Pushya nakshatra have good luck on their side. They are able to achieve high position in life and become wealthy.
Any planet, even the malefic once, give positive result when they are in Pushya nakshatra. Moon and Jupiter in Pushya nakshatra is considered very auspicious.

When moon is in Pushya Nakshatra on a Thursday, it is called ‘Gurupushyamrut’. This is a wealth giving yoga. Hence, there is a tradition to buy gold on this muhurat. Pushya nakshatra is very favorable for buying jewellery and new clothes, starting education, for thread ceremony, for building a house or a temple. Though this is an auspicious nakshatra, it is not suitable for marriages.   

On the negative side, these natives may have fear of the unknown. They may suffer from depression. This is because Saturn is the lord of Pushya nakshatra and Moon is the lord of cancer.

This nakshatra is equally favourable for both Males and Females.

Pushya Men:

They are tall, have a heavy look and may be chubby. They have a broad forehead. They are peaceful and just. They are intelligent and knowledgeable. They make good leaders.

Pushya Women:
They are beautiful, wealthy and reach high position in life. Though they look well nourished, they look very much in proportion.  Moon (Lord of Cancer) makes them soft hearted and motherly. They have high aims and enjoy power. They very well complement men at work.

Mining, oil wells related jobs, judges, water related jobs, priests, politicians, advisors, hoteliers

Body parts ruled by Pushya Nakshatra:
Stomach, intestine, lungs