Ruling Planet: Venus
Lucky Colours: While, green and yellow
Lucky Day: Friday, Wednesday and Saturday
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2 and 4
Lucky Stones: Diamond, Blue Saphire
Type: Air, Cardinal, Male
 The Scales
 Appearance: Good Looking, medium to tall in stature, have a slender, well-proportioned and flexible body and a sweet smile


Positive Side: Diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming. easygoing, sociable, idealistic and peaceable

Dark Side: Indecisive, changeable, gullible, easily influenced, flirtatious and self-indulgent

Romance:  get along well with Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini and Leo.

Careers:  Legal Profession, consultation and professions related to fashion, beauty, films, public relations and entertainment.

Health: prone to windy deceases like Asthma, cold, susceptible to urinary track problems and kidney problems.